Reimagining Mineral Ownership

Reimagining Mineral Ownership

We look at oil and gas rights and royalties a little differently. Our view is that while these rights present upside potential, they often make up too much of an individual’s net worth and expose them to unnecessary risk.

Our goal is to help people see a different way forward. A way to protect the intrinsic value of their minerals and royalty rights. Whether the aim is to meet a short term financial need, or building a financial safeguard for their family, our experienced staff is here to help.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we’ve helped people just like you achieve their goals, and realize the peace that comes from financial security.

Reasons to Sell

Reduce and simplify your taxes

There are various tax benefits that can be realized from a sale, including an overall reduction in the volume of bookkeeping. Talk to your CPA about some of these advantages.

Lump sum payment

Turning those small, monthly royalties into one large check has allowed our clients to reduce debt, buy a new house, pay for college, and still put money back for unforeseen expenses.

Estate planning

Many of our clients use the windfall from their sale to secure their family’s future. There are many advantages to leaving your loved one’s financial assets, rather than a mineral estate.

Stop dealing w/Oil Companies

Oil companies constantly reach out to their owners to modify leases, execute pooling agreements, sign division orders, etc. We can eliminate this nuisance in just a few weeks.

1031 Exchange

Did you know that mineral rights can be used in a 1031 exchange to purchase real estate? This tax strategy can be used to defer up to 100% of the taxes from a mineral sale.

De-risk your asset

The value of mineral and royalty holdings are subject to dramatic market swings. Selling even a partial interest allows you to safeguard that value and reduce your overall risk profile.

Use our strengths to your advantage

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Quick Closings

Most offers are funded within 30 days.

Finacial Freedom

Reduce risk, diversity and protect your Wealth.