Austin Royalty Ep01: 100 Dollar Oil

Austin Royalty is a locally owned and operated oil and gas company  focused on working with mineral owners . We understand that this is one  of your most valuable assets and we want to help you protect its worth.

Austin Royalty Ep02: Timing

Why is Timing important? Caleb Ward here to tell you why. 

Austin Royalty Ep03: Owning vs Selling

Owning vs Selling. What makes the most sense? Find out on our latest video. 

Austin Royalty Partners QA01: Middle East

The current conflict between the US and Iran has been a hot button issue, especially in the oil patch. We wanted to share our view on how this will effect oil prices domestically and internationally.

Austin Royalty Ep04: Not Your Grandpa’s Oil

Caleb Ward from Austin Royalty on how things have changed and how it's no longer your grandpa's oil.

Austin Royalty Ep05: The 1031 Exchange

Caleb is back and discusses how to use the 1031 Exchange to make the most out the sale of your mineral rights and your future.

Austin Royalty Ep06: Who is Austin Royalty?

Find out more about who we are!

Austin Royalty QA02: Get an Offer

What do you do when you get the big offer? Find out!

VideoAustin Royalty Ep07: Mineral Buying has Changed

Listen as Marita discusses how things have changed in this new Austin Royalty Video. 

Austin Royalty Ep08: Minerals: Nostalgia vs Logic

What makes the most sense when dealing with your minerals? And how to tell the difference between Nostalgia and Logic.


Caleb Ward on "How and why COVID-19 (AKA the coronavirus) is affecting Gas and Oil Prices."

Austin Royalty QA03: When That big offer comes

What do you do when the big offer comes? Do you take it? Wait? Who do you go to for help? Let's find out as Caleb and Marita Discuss.

The Perfect Storm for a Crash

Oil just dropped 25% and here’s our take on what that means for your mineral estate

Austin Royalty QA04: Oil, Gas And Taxes

Some more questions answered by Marita and Caleb. What about Oil, Gas And Taxes?

Austin Royalty QA05: Planning Ahead

What should you do when you start thinking about planning ahead for your future? Marita and Caleb are back for this week’s video.

Austin Royalty QA06: Fair Value of an Offer

New video Thursdays- Fair Value of an Offer. Stay safe!