Unconventional Mission

Over the past decade we have witnessed an American energy revolution. The rise of shale has transformed the US into the world's number one producer of oil and gas. We must adapt to this new environment and that includes challenging some of the accepted norms of the past. We want to help you explore the new realities of this unconventional world and help explain how it's shifted the conventional wisdom in the mineral and royalty space.

Unconventional Approach

A few years ago we started to see how this shift was dramatically changing the financial futures of some mineral rights owners, while others were left on the outside looking in.  It began to alter our thinking on how oil and gas rights and royalties should be owned. Financial institutions seemed better suited to take on the inherit risk of mineral ownership, as they understood the associated risks and their investments would make up a smaller portions of their total portfolios. However, the risk is different for an individual when a single market event can make half of their income and net worth disappear in a week.

Unconventional Results

We started working on this problem and found that oil and gas owners were very responsive to the prospect. It didn't hurt that institutions began pouring money into the space and mineral rights were selling for more than ever before. Still, there are those who stick to the traditional, "We'll never sell" approach. However, for the royalty owners that were willing to challenge tradition and recognize that a shift has occurred, we have been able to help them capitalize on tremendous valuations, reduce their tax burdens, and provide financial security for the families for years to come.

Breaking New / Industry Updates

“The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your terms.”

 –Chris Brogan  


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